Science Writing and Publications

Below is a list of where you can read my work.

Online articles:

“Moths eating your clothes? It’s actually their hungry little caterpillars – here’s how to get rid of them” by Ying Y. Luo and Andreas Zwick, in The Conversation (published 2022)

Peer-reviewed journal articles:
If you have difficulties accessing a copy of these, do contact me.

Luo, Y. Y., Vorsatz L.D., Not, C., & Cannicci, S. (2021). Landward zones of mangroves are sinks for both land and water borne anthropogenic debris, Science of The Total Environment, 151809

Luo, Y. Y., Not, C., & Cannicci, S. (2021). Mangroves as unique but understudied traps for anthropogenic marine debris: a review of present information and the way forward. Environmental Pollution, 116291

Luo Y. Y. and Guénard, B., (2016). Descriptions of a new species and the gyne in the rarely collected arboreal genera Paratopula and Rotastruma (Hymenoptera: Formicidae) from Hong Kong, with a discussion on their ecology. Asian Myrmecology